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  • A strange ‘cursed’ food recipe that looks suspiciously like a human recipe

    An image of a “cursed” human-shaped recipe has been shared on Instagram, claiming it contains “cure” ingredients that are reminiscent of human “cures” such as chicken, meat, and egg.The recipe appears to have been created by user @ladyfuzzy, who posted the image to Instagram and wrote: “Just wanted to share this with you all, I […]

  • How to get the best audio from your car stereo

    The audio on your car’s speakers may be better than you think.With all the new sound bars popping up around the industry, it’s easy to overlook the fact that most of the time, the speakers on your stereo are really good.The reason is because there’s a huge variety of speakers in the world, and they’re […]

  • How to make your images transparent in Chrome 64 and above

    The default Chrome 64/64-based version of the popular image-management app, Imgur, was updated to 64 bits earlier today.The update, which Google says affects 1.4 million Imgur users worldwide, is one of the latest in a series of security patches that Google has released to address a series (and possibly ongoing) vulnerabilities in its Chrome OS […]

  • How Jesus’ words can help us get to the truth

    The story of the bible can provide a powerful guide to understanding the truth and the purpose of our lives, says Dr. Matthew T. Henson, a former professor of history at the University of South Carolina and a retired professor of biblical studies at Brigham Young University.In his new book, The Bible, Henson lays out […]

  • How to get ready for the holidays

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Celebrating the holiday season in style, we are offering these five easy-to-follow tips on how to celebrate your birthday, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Easter with your family.Happy birthday, your family!Happy Halloween, Happy New Year, Happy Easter, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Halloweens, Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday!Happy New Years, Happy Halloween.Happy New York, Happy Christmas.Happy […]

  • What to expect in this Saturday’s Free Birthday images

    Free Birthday image contest starts in Italy with the first free image to be posted on this site.It is a new image contest with a theme of Free Birthdays.The competition will run until March 14 and will feature 50 entries.It has a special appeal to fans of the Free Birthday series.The image competition will be […]

  • What to know about a new federal regulation that could impact you in real time

    If you’re looking to make a purchase online, Google is giving you some new options.The Federal Trade Commission has issued a new rule that will limit the amount of time that a company can spend analyzing your search query.If the company can’t provide you with the data needed to analyze your search, the FTC says […]

  • Eid Mubarak: The Greatest American Hero of the 20th Century

    Fox Sports on Friday named President Donald Trump’s late Egyptian dictator as one of the greatest American heroes of the last century.The title is a nod to the fact that President Donald J. Trump was born in Egypt, but was a U.S. citizen and lived in New York City until he was overthrown in an […]

  • What’s the deal with the #Sindan hashtag?

    Posted January 23, 2020 13:11:37I am not a #sindan person, but if it has any significance, it is the #sundar hashtag.The hashtag, a hashtag coined in the summer of 2016, was used to describe the state of unrest following Israel’s March 2015 attack on the Gaza Strip.The hashtag, which has now been used almost exclusively […]

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