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  • When Is My Curse Meme Safe to Share?

    If you’re wondering when you’re going to be cursed with a curse, here are a few key points: If you get a curse in the middle of the night, it’s likely to be an image or meme that you’ve been posting, like this one.If you get one in the morning, the curse will be a […]

  • How to get better images in the US

    US health imaging is seeing its share of criticism for its image quality, but there’s another way to get images that are much more accurate than what’s available in the west.And that’s to use an app called Aeon Image.It’s an app that takes images from a mobile device, uploads them to a cloud service, and […]

  • How to Get a ‘Vagina’ in the Movies

    With so many options for women to express their bodies in films, it’s hard to decide which one to go for.And with the release of “The Vagina Monologues,” director Paul Haggis hopes to make it easy for us to express our vaginas.Haggis’ newest film, based on a book of the same name by author Anya […]

  • The Australian’s annual forecast for solar and wind is a lie

    Posted October 14, 2018 06:05:58A number of articles have been published in recent weeks suggesting that Australia’s solar market is growing at an annual rate of around 7 per cent and that wind is surging.The latest figures from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency show that solar PV capacity has grown by almost 50 per cent […]

  • Happy Friday images from the Religious World of Christmas 2018

    Christmas has just wrapped up, and we’re now in the midst of the new year.But the religious aspects of our holiday celebrations are always something to be celebrated.This time, the Christian religion is being celebrated on a larger scale in many countries.So, if you are going to be in a country that celebrates Christmas, what […]

  • Which winter images are most important?

    A new infographic from Motherboard, a website for women, has taken on the issue of which images are important in the most important months of your life.In a new post titled Winter Images: How to Know when to celebrate and when to cry, the site’s editors looked at which images were most important for the […]

  • Why you need to take a break from all your photos

    When you’re creating a digital portfolio, you might think you’re just creating a profile for your online business.But the reality is that your photos will make a big difference in your online presence.With photos, you can make sure your online identity and your brand identity are both on point.So, when choosing your photos, do you […]

  • Which is better: Photoshop or Adobe After Effects?

    TechRadars new poll finds that Adobe AfterEffects is the most popular image editing app, followed by Photoshop.This is due to its use of multiple layers, which makes it a good option for beginners.But the popularity of Adobe Photoshop is higher than that of After Effects in this poll.The only reason that Photoshop wins is that […]

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