Which is the best way to get your dog to come home?

After a year of planning and spending hours on end, a couple of weeks ago, the owner of a 4-year-old dog named Bella finally got her little girl home.

Bella was found inside a car parked in a parking lot at a shopping center in the Atlanta suburb of Cobb, Georgia.

The story was shared on Bella’s Facebook page and Bella’s owners, Stephanie and Steve Grosch, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Bella had been “trying to go out the door for the last hour.”

But Bella’s owner, Stephanie Grosh, said that her dog’s actions were out of character.

“She was acting very strange, not normal,” Stephanie Grosh told the AJC.

“I’m not sure what her reason was, but she was acting out.”

Stephanie Gosch told the paper that Bella “wasn’t happy” when her owners called her mom and told her that Bella would be going home.

But then she ran out to her car and called for help, Groscch said.

“We did what anyone would do,” she told the newspaper.

The next day, Bella was reunited with her mom, who was able to give her a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“When Bella came out of her house, I couldn’t believe it,” Stephanie said.

She then realized that Bella’s behavior was very different from normal.

“It was just like a whole different animal,” she said.

Bella’s parents, who live in suburban Atlanta, told NBC News that Bella was a good dog who had a bad temper and was very stubborn.

“The whole thing started out really well, but then it started to get weird,” Stephanie told the local news outlet.

“So I called the police and told them everything.

I had to tell the cops everything, but I didn’t want to tell them because I didn, I said, ‘I don’t want anyone to know what’s going on.

I don’t know why Bella is behaving like this.'”

“I was just thinking, She’s a dog, she’s got a bad temperament.

She has a bad personality.

It’s not a bad dog.

She’s just a little kid,” Stephanie explained.

“Bella is really smart, she can smell and she knows her way around a house.

She could just take her food and run to the next door.”

According to the Atlanta Chronicle, Bella has a history of “behaviors that might have caused other people to suspect she’s been in trouble.”

The parents told the Daily Mail that Bella has “always been very loyal” and “always has been a good boy.”

However, she did not go on to have a good year, the Daily Beast reported.

“Her behavior got worse and worse,” Stephanie added.

“And then suddenly she was so much more aggressive than she ever had been before.

It was scary, it was really scary.”

Stephanie told local news outlets that she decided to call the police after noticing Bella “acting strangely.”

After the police arrived, she and her mother “went out and got Bella to come outside, and then we got her in the car.”

The officers “went in and put her in a room with some blankets and a chair and she went in, and we just got Bella out,” Stephanie recalled.

“They said, You have a dog that’s acting strange?

It’s a very bad sign.

You need to call us right away.”

The police officers were able to determine that Bella, who is a pit bull mix, “was not behaving in a normal manner,” according to the newspaper, which said the officers then “checked for a dog tag.”

The dogs’ owners have since taken to Facebook to share more information about Bella’s health.

“After an extensive search of our home, we were able identify a puppy with the exact same markings, and Bella was immediately taken to the vet and checked out for rabies,” Stephanie and her husband told the Georgia Daily Star.

“Once Bella was tested, we decided to let her live with us.”

“She’s still in quarantine,” the couple added.

The Grosches told the News that they had planned on giving Bella some treats and snacks, but “that plan was put on hold” as a result of the incident.

“There was no way we could have given her the food she needed,” Stephanie wrote.

“Instead, we are planning to have her euthanized as soon as possible.”

“We’re a couple with two very young kids, and now we have Bella, and I know she’s a big kid, but we know how to handle things,” Stephanie continued.

“But I know that if we did this wrong, she would have died.

It wasn’t Bella’s fault.

It can’t happen to anyone.” “

That’s how you handle situations like this.

It can’t happen to anyone.”

The Grocks, who are from nearby Montgomery County, are now trying to get Bella “rehabbed

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