Which is better, the bible or the bible image?

RTE 2 Image caption There are many different versions of the bible on the market but none is quite as popular as this one.

RTE 3 Image caption The bible is considered the bible of the world but not everybody can recite it in their sleep.

RTV 5 Image caption This is one of the most popular memes on social media.

RTR 6 Image caption RTE 6 Image Caption There are a lot of variations of this meme, from the old-fashioned one in which you hold a Bible in your hand to the one with the heart of a cat.

RTP 7 Image caption Here’s a little something different from the others.

RTS 8 Image caption In this one, you can see what’s going on inside a bird’s eye view.

RTF Image caption A little something to think about when reading this one too.

RTHB 9 Image caption If you like reading the bible in your sleep, then this one is for you.

RWT 10 Image caption You might not know the bible is in your bed, but this one shows what it looks like in your dreams.

RTM Image caption It’s the bible for the home.

RTO Image caption I’d recommend you read this one first thing in the morning before reading the rest.

RTB Image caption One of the best memes to use in a conversation.

RUBB Image Caption Here’s an old school version of the Bible, this time with a dog.

RUC Image Caption If you’re looking for something a little more serious, this one has a little bit more swearing.

RVC Image Caption A little more religion, this is for the Bible-loving in the family.

RUGA Image Caption The bible itself is an old testament, so it’s not all that popular with children.

RUZImage Caption The Bible is a real document of the Old Testament, but many people don’t understand it.

RXB Image Image caption Some Bible memes are a bit cheesy. RXLB Image