Magic Eye: How to play the new AR and VR game in your living room

Magic Eye, the new augmented reality game, has been available in the Oculus Store since January 2017, and it’s been a hit with gamers, with one review calling it “a blast”.

Now, a new AR-only game, Magic Eye 2, has made its debut on the Oculus store.

The game is the sequel to Magic Eye 1, which has also been available on Oculus since January of 2017.

Magic Eye was released on the Rift in September 2016, and while the Oculus version of the game is still available on the store, it’s currently only available on PlayStation VR.

In the game, players are tasked with collecting orbs that they place in the field to create magical effects in a 3D environment.

The player can create their own orbs, and the orbs can be collected by pressing a trigger on the right side of the camera.

You can also use the camera to zoom in on the orbs to see their patterns.

It’s an easy way to create unique effects, as the orbs move around and change in size.

The orbs are placed in a grid, and you can use the mouse to select and then rotate the grid.

To create a magic circle, you’ll need to place a certain number of orbs into the circle, and if you hit the target, you can move the orbs around in the circle to create a circle.

There are four types of magic orbs: red, blue, yellow, and green.

Each orb has a specific shape, and some of the orbs are also colored to show off their properties.

To collect orbs, you need to use the button on the top right side that turns off the magic eye and lets you go back to normal.

You then need to move your cursor to an area of the field where orbs are being collected, and then press the trigger to collect orbs.

The gameplay of the new game is pretty similar to Magic Eyes 1, and though it’s not available on Xbox One, it will be on PlayStation 4, and PC users can play Magic Eye for free.

While we’re not sure how well Magic Eye will perform on PC, it’ll likely work well for VR.

The new game also includes a number of new additions to the game: there’s a new mode called “Magic Eye Arena”, where players can battle other players in a free-for-all mode, and a new feature called “Taunt Mode”.

In the mode, players can tap on each other to taunt each other with an animated sound effect, which lets you know how many of your teammates are currently in the arena.

You’ll also be able to see the other players health status by pressing the up or down arrow on the touch screen, as well as the current health of your team members.

The Magic Eye Arena mode is currently only for Oculus Rift users, but it’s available on PC as well.

Players can also play Magic Eyes 2 in a single player mode, which adds new features to the original game.

You’re free to play, but there’s no single-player mode, as you’re limited to just a single game, and only a limited amount of orbs can collect.

The app has also launched a new VR feature called Magic Eye Challenge.

In this mode, you get a chance to play a new level of the main game.

The difficulty is set to Normal, and your score is displayed in real time.

You start off in the first level, where you start off with an average score of 2, and earn points for each hit you land.

You have a limited number of coins to spend in each level, and as you earn coins, you gain points.

Once you reach a certain amount of coins, a bonus level unlocks.

You get the feeling that the game has been built to make you grind a bit, and there’s still a few challenges left in the game.

There’s also a new difficulty setting, “Legendary Mode”, where you can play as the avatar of a famous magician, who will be the ultimate player.

You also get to play as a ghost and have to take out some of his most powerful minions in a quest to bring him down.

The goal is to reach the final boss, and with your score, you unlock a new costume, which you can swap in at any time to suit your style.

There is no single player content in the new Magic Eye game, but players can still try out the new VR mode, Magic Eyes Challenge, to get some of their favorite orbs in the right place at the right time.

Check out a gameplay trailer for Magic Eye above, and be sure to get your first look at the game below.