Disney World Resort is set to have some Disney theme park-themed food & drink available at the Disneyland Resort

Disney’s theme park theme parks will soon be offering a menu of themed food & drinks at some of its attractions, including Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure.

The company says it is adding a few dishes to the menu at the theme parks, including Disney Frozen, Mickey & Friends, and Mickey & Bobby’s Caribbean Beach Party.

It is the first time the menu will be available in the parks, and will likely be the last.

It will be offered in select Disney-branded restaurants throughout the parks.

The menus are expected to be available to guests on March 15.

The menu includes a selection of seasonal and classic dishes, including some of the restaurant’s signature dishes, like the popular “Dessert Dessert.”

The menu also includes a variety of other dishes, such as “Smoky Corn Salad,” “Honey-Cured Cucumber Salad,” and “Hazelnut Pudding.”

Disney’s menu also offers items like “Hot and Sour Soup,” “Cucumber Dressing,” “Carrot Cake,” “Chocolate Mousse Cake,” and other desserts, along with other seasonal and seasonal inspired dishes.

The menu is available to both pre-booked guests and guests who book in advance.

Guests will be able to pick a favorite dish, as well as choose the menu from a list of options.

The selections can be purchased in-person at Disney’s restaurants or online at the Walt Disney World Hotel and Resorts website.

The new menu is also available in select Walt Disney Imagineering properties, which include Disney California Adventures and Disneyland Resort.

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