When the Penguins’ fans celebrate: How much did the fans care?

The Pittsburgh Penguins have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance over the past few seasons, but the fans have still taken notice.

It’s not uncommon for fans to bring flowers to the ice during a game.

Here’s a look at some of the best flower moments from this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.1.

The Penguins won Game 7 against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Eastern Conference Final.

That was the first time in the playoffs that fans of the other team could actually make out their team’s colors.

That moment became so famous that it went viral.

Here is the story behind the celebration, and the flowers that fans brought to the rink.2.

The fans made it to the Stanley Cup Final in Game 7.

Pittsburgh fans were so excited that the Penguins beat the Washington Capitals 3-2 that they brought flowers to face-off in front of the arena, with flowers in hand.

The game was tied at 3 at the time, but Pittsburgh scored the game-winning goal.3.

Pittsburgh was able to beat the Capitals in the Stanley C-segment.

The Stanley Cup Champion Penguins won the Stanley Cups with a win in Game 5 of the Eastern conference finals.

The final was also the first to be played in a dome, meaning that fans could see the scoreboard, and even see the scoresheet from the arena.4.

The Cup is on the ice for the first-ever time in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals.

Fans were not allowed to bring in flowers on the court during the game, but fans were allowed to hold their flowers during the pregame ceremonies.

Here are some photos of the Penguins taking care of their Cup.5.

Penguins fans brought flowers on their way to the game against the Washington Senators in Game 3 of the Stanley Series.

Penguins players are very familiar with fans who want to bring a little flowers, and when Pittsburgh fans brought them flowers, it gave them a bit more levity.

They had fun with it, too.6.

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby had a lot of fun during the Stanley Bowl celebration.

Crosby had flowers on his hands and feet as he was walking across the field, but he didn’t even mention that he had flowers with him during the event.

Here he is smiling with a smile.7.

The Pittsburgh Penguin mascot, Pops, had some very fun as he showed off his new smile on his face.8.

Penguins center Evgeni Malkin had a big smile on as he had his fans at his side, including a few flowers.9.

Penguins defenseman Mark Letestu had a flower with him as he made his way to center ice to take his shot.10.

Pittsburgh Penguins center Artemi Panarin took a photo of himself and his family holding flowers while walking to the bench.11.

The Penguin’s star player, Sidney Crosby, had his wife take a picture of him as they left the bench during the Penguins-Flyers game.12.

Penguins goalie Matt Murray had some fun with fans, and he was seen holding a sign that read, “Take care of your flowers.”13.

Penguins forward Alex Ovechkin was one of many players to have a flower at the game.14.

Penguins fan Ryan Murphy brought flowers with his wife and daughters.15.

Penguins star center Sidney Crosby brought his daughter to the arena to sign a fan sign.16.

Penguins rookie goalie Jussi Jokinen had some nice pictures taken with fans as he took his turn at the goalie’s bench during a practice session.17.

Pittsburgh fan Justin Krasne was not too thrilled to see his name on the back of a Penguins jersey.18.

Penguins player David Perron was one the first people to take pictures with fans.19.

Penguins goaltender Evgeny Kuznetsov brought flowers and a signed jersey to practice with fans during the morning skate.20.

The Flyers were able to win Game 6 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh fans got a special treat with a sign reading “Loyalty is the best policy.”21.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are used to getting a big show at the stadium during their home games.

But when they were given a chance to be the first ones to get a little bit of an encore, they didn’t disappoint.

The team brought flowers, a sign, and some stickers to get fans ready for the next game.22.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans were able a show their appreciation for Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney.23.

Penguins winger Matt Cooke had a few nice pictures with his fans as the Penguins played the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 4 of the National League Divisional Series.24.

Pittsburgh’s fans have been known to take selfies on the street in front the stadium, but this was the only one where they actually did that.25.

Penguins legend Gordie Howe, who died in July, is the only person who was able have a private photo taken with a fan.26.

Penguins General Manager Ray Shero was