Sunflower: an image library for the cloud

By Greg StobartPublished May 07, 2017 07:51:33The sunflower is one of the best known examples of image management software, and it’s often described as the ultimate image management system.

However, it’s not the only one.

In this article, we’ll look at a few other open source image management systems that are more suited to image management tasks.

Image management software can be divided into two groups: image management tools and container management tools.

If you’ve worked with one or the other in the past, you’re familiar with the distinction between image management and container control.

Container management tools, on the other hand, focus on managing the image in a container rather than managing it in a cloud.

The difference between them is that container management software works on a per-container basis, while image management platforms only work on a group basis.

There are many ways to build a cloud image, and the differences between these two groups can be complex.

In our next article, you’ll see how you can use Docker to create an image that works in both image management environments.