A strange ‘cursed’ food recipe that looks suspiciously like a human recipe

An image of a “cursed” human-shaped recipe has been shared on Instagram, claiming it contains “cure” ingredients that are reminiscent of human “cures” such as chicken, meat, and egg.

The recipe appears to have been created by user @ladyfuzzy, who posted the image to Instagram and wrote: “Just wanted to share this with you all, I was thinking of sharing this to make some food, but I just found out that this recipe looks exactly like a recipe for human cures.”

“I think this is a really weird and amazing recipe,” she wrote.

“You see it’s a cauldron, a little bit like a soup pot.

There’s a little piece of meat and a little thing called a ‘skin’.”

The recipe contains “some of the ingredients that have been mentioned in the medical literature”, including “pancreatic cells” and “toxins” as well as “the human body”.

It is not clear what the ingredients are, but the recipe is being shared on social media with a picture of a pot of “dried meat” on the front.

In a post about the recipe, @lilyhazel wrote:”I’ve made a lot of this food at home and it is amazing.

I hope you enjoy it.

And you should.

Theres a lot that could be said about this recipe.

It’s weird but theres so much in there that makes it so delicious and nutritious.


In the post, @lucyjoe, a friend of @lacyjoe’s, shared the recipe.

“The cauldron looks like a very simple soup pot,” she said.

“But there are so many things in there you should definitely try and make your own version.

The ‘skin’ is an egg, the meat is chicken, the chicken is cooked in a pot, the broth is cornstarch and the chicken skin is made from cornstarchs, the liver is boiled, and the skin is a piece of chicken, then they are mixed together and cooked in some kind of soup.

It is all very very weird and interesting.”

She also shared the ingredients in the “skin” of the pot, which were the “treats” of “meat”, “rice”, and “egg”.

“The meat is the same meat that is cooked with a mixture of rice, cornstarchy vegetables, and eggs.

The eggs are made with cornstomato,” she shared.”

This ‘skin’, made from chicken, has a lot more ingredients than the ‘skin of the meat’.

They are all the same thing, but they taste a lot different.

I would say it is a mixture between the ‘meat’ and ‘rice’ and the ‘egg’.

The rice is just mixed in with the meat, but it doesn’t add any taste to the food.

It just adds flavour.”

It is unclear if @lamyfoxxx is the source of the recipe on Instagram.

Lilyhocky also shared a photo of the “meat” on her Instagram account, which has since been deleted.

“You can definitely see that the ‘cooked meat’ is not cooked properly,” she posted.

“If you can’t see it clearly, there are some bones in it, and there is a lot going on.

It has all these ingredients in there.”

Lilyfoxxx has also claimed that the ingredients of the dish are similar to those of “the real thing” in the US.

The Instagram post has since received more than 20,000 likes.

BuzzFeed contacted @larryfoxxx and @lalyjoe for comment, but did not receive a reply at the time of publication.