US veterans’ day images spark debate over PTSD

Veterans’ Day has long been associated with military decorations and medals.

But there are some new images of the holiday from the US military that suggest veterans’ Day might not be as simple as it seems.

US Veterans’ day was officially recognised on 6 November, but the date has been changed to 11 November.

It is one day longer than the US Army’s Birthday of Duty.

It was created by the US Department of Veterans Affairs in 1972 to honour servicemen and women who have served their country.

On its official website, the VA explains: On Veterans Day, the first of November, the United States celebrates the contributions of our men and women in uniform.

Veterans are an important part of our society and we have many opportunities to share the love and respect they have earned through their service.

This year, veterans will be celebrating the dedication of the US Capitol and the National Mall.

The Capitol itself is the only structure in the United Kingdom where veterans are still honoured.

On Veterans’ Memorial Day, veterans are encouraged to mark their service and remember the people they have met and served with, including the people who gave their lives for our country.

The memorial to those who died in the Vietnam War, also known as the Vietnam Memorial, is at the National Memorial Gardens.

It has been a long and arduous journey for the Veterans of Vietnam.

The Vietnam Memorial has been named in honour of the thousands of Vietnam War veterans who died on that battlefields.

On the Memorial Day weekend, veterans from around the US will gather to honour those who have died and commemorate the lives lost in the war.

Some veterans’ memorials have been created to honour veterans who have given their lives, but this year’s memorial will be a tribute to all those who fought and died for our freedoms and our freedoms will be respected.

The United States National Vietnam Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

In 2018, the US President signed an Executive Order that made Veterans Day one of the official National Remembrance Days, a move that was supported by a large majority of Americans.

Veterans’ memorial photos and the date Veterans’ holiday on 9 November 2018, but a few veterans’ photos have made their way onto social media and have sparked debate.

One photograph shows a group of Vietnam Veterans with a poster in the middle of a parking lot with the date of 11 November 2018 written in black marker on it.

Another picture shows a Vietnam Veteran and a young boy standing next to each other.

Both images have been shared more than 3,000 times.

The Veteran’s Day image has been shared over 1,000,000 shares on Facebook and has received more than 1,700 comments.

However, a spokesperson for the Department of Veteran Affairs told Al Jazeera: Veterans are very important to our nation and to our veterans, they are the backbone of our democracy.

The Veterans’ and National Veterans Memorial at the U.S. Capitol.

In 2020, the date was changed to Remembrance Day, but many veterans’ photographs of the Vietnam war still have the date written on the wall.

The veterans’ photo on Veterans’ Holiday on 9 Nov 2020, but some veterans’ pictures of the war still include the date in black lettering on the image.

The US Department Of Veterans Affairs spokesperson said: On 9 November, Veterans are commemorating their service to our country with the day being designated as a National Day of Remembrance.

In recognition of their courage and sacrifice, our veterans will pay homage to those whose courage and valour inspired them to defend our freedom and our democracy, which is a cornerstone of our Republic.

Al Jazeera’s Simon Dawson reports.