What to expect in this Saturday’s Free Birthday images

Free Birthday image contest starts in Italy with the first free image to be posted on this site.

It is a new image contest with a theme of Free Birthdays.

The competition will run until March 14 and will feature 50 entries.

It has a special appeal to fans of the Free Birthday series.

The image competition will be held in the “Vale dei Tivoli”, a park near Milan.

It is a large area with lots of attractions, cafes and restaurants and it is also a venue for the Free Birthday event.

The images of the first 50 entries will be published on this website on the 15th of March.

There will be two different types of images, one for the winners and one for each of the remaining 50.

The winners will be notified by email.

The remaining 50 images will be posted by March 31.

The competition is not a charity, it is purely a fan contest and will be open to all, but the winner of the competition will receive a free entry to the next free birthday event, the Free Race in Turin.