How Modi’s plan to ‘unite’ India, a ‘historic moment’

The day after Modi’s election victory, he declared, “India is united.”

The Prime Minister made this bold statement during his campaign speech and immediately took action on his first day in office.

In the first three days of his presidency, Modi has taken steps to address many of the issues raised by Indian society.

In these first three months, he has taken concrete steps towards building a more inclusive and prosperous India.

He has announced his ambitious ‘Make in India’ campaign and he has launched a national campaign on his flagship issue of ‘Digital India’.

These steps are not just good for the country and the people, but they are also good for business and the world at large.

While India is still a country of two nations, India is a country with a diversity of cultures, languages and languages.

As a result, the country’s leaders are often faced with challenges that transcend their national borders.

However, when the leaders of the two nations meet and talk about issues that impact the entire country, the whole country feels a sense of unity.

A few months ago, I visited the US and the UK to speak about India’s partnership with the US, the UK and the US.

At the heart of this shared experience was a sense that our countries share common goals and values and the shared challenge of bringing the world together in the spirit of global citizenship.

India is now moving on to a new phase in its development, but it remains a unique nation with unique challenges.

The country faces many challenges and we will continue to work to build solutions that will deliver a better India, said Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

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