When you get a dad’s day surprise, it means a lot to you

The image of a father with his son on his shoulder and his wife by his side on Father’s Day has been a favorite for fathers everywhere for centuries.

And yet for a number of reasons, the image isn’t the most popular image of fathers day.

There are plenty of other fathers and mothers in the world to share the moment with.

Here are 10 dads that are going out to show their dads love and appreciation for his day.1.

Tom Brady 2.

Justin Verlander 3.

Derek Jeter 4.

Mike Trout 5.

Matt Carpenter 6.

David Ortiz 7.

Chris Paul 8.

Buster Posey 9.

Alex Rodriguez 10.

Kevin Durant.1/102.

Matt Cain1.

Matt Hasselbeck (1st place)2.

Jason Bales (1,000th)3.

Joe Girardi4.

Curt Schilling5.

Davey Johnson6.

Dan Marino7.

Mike Piazza8.

Ryan Braun9.

Roger Clemens10.

“I think I’m going to have a lot more guys that know what that means, than the average dad, to see it.””

It’s been a lot of fun to see the reaction from guys in the stands,” Cain said.

“I think I’m going to have a lot more guys that know what that means, than the average dad, to see it.”

Cain is not alone in celebrating the birth of his son, Josh, on Father the Dad.

As many as 80,000 people gathered in front of the home of the Giants’ owner and owner of the Kansas City Royals, Alex Rodriguez, on Mother’s Day to cheer on their son, who is now just eight months old.

“When I was watching, I just thought, ‘This is the greatest moment ever,'” Cain said of his moment.

“And it’s been so rewarding, I couldn’t be more grateful.

And that’s not just a good thing, it’s a good feeling, too.

When he’s on the field, it doesn’t matter what color he is, you know, he’s going to be there for you.

I can tell him I love him.

He’ll do it for me, too.”1 / 72.

Derek Carr1.

Russell Wilson2.

J.J. Watt3.

Colin Kaepernick4.

Cam Newton5.

Matt Ryan6.

Russell Westbrook7.

Cam Kelly8.

Aaron Rodgers9.

Mike Evans10.

Drew Brees.1, 3 / 7″That’s my favorite part,” Carr said.

I want to thank my mom, and she always said, ‘If you want a dad, get a mom.’

I have a mom.

She’s a very, very special person, so I’m blessed to have her around me.

And she taught me everything I know about being a dad.2 / 73.

Aaron Donald2.

Brett Favre3.

Mike Smith4.

Brett Hundley5.

Nick Foles6.

Brandon Marshall7.

Jameis Winston8.

Joe Flacco9.

Matt Schaub10.

Joe Mixon.1

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