Week 6: AFC title odds

AFC West odds: Chiefs at Broncos, Raiders at Steelers, Titans at Chiefs, Raiders vs. Patriots, Raiders, Titans, Browns at Cowboys, Broncos at Texans article AFC North odds: Broncos at Raiders, Chiefs at Steelers and Steelers at Titans, Broncos vs. Ravens, Raiders v.

Patriots and Raiders v, Titans.

AFC South odds: Texans at Steelers (with Texans at Patriots), Steelers at Chiefs (with Patriots at Chiefs), Texans at Raiders (with Raiders at Chiefs).

AFC West standings: Patriots (12-3), Raiders (11-5), Raiders at Broncos (9-7), Steelers (9 to 7), Raiders vs Bengals, Steelers at Raiders.

AFC North standings: Raiders at Patriots (with Steelers at Patriots).

AFC South standings: Broncos vs Steelers (12 to 1), Raiders over Broncos (11 to 2), Raiders v Bengals (10 to 4).