What if the next generation of Pokemon were a virus?

Posted October 15, 2019 07:09:00With the recent release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, it’s safe to say the internet has had enough of the beloved classic Pokemon franchise.

With the Pokemon Black and White games on the horizon, fans have taken to their favorite Pokemon games, like Pokemon Sun and Moon, to share their experiences with the game.

While there are many games with similar themes to Black and the White, none of them quite compare to what Nintendo is planning for Pokemon X & Y.

In a recent interview with IGN, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that the next Pokemon game is something that will truly stand out from the rest of the series, and he believes it will be something “new and exciting.”

The most obvious similarity between Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon X&Y is the fact that the game will take place in a world that was created by the same scientist who created Black & Black.

This scientist is Professor Oak, and his theories and theories are what will lead to the Pokemon universe.

Fils-Asime explained that Nintendo was originally going to use a similar method to how Black & Brown is set in the game world.

That is, Professor Oak’s theories were used to create the game’s setting, but instead of the Pokemon, it was actually the Pokémon, and the world of the game, which were created by Professor Oak.

Fils and Nintendo went with this method to ensure that Black & W is not just a Pokemon world created by one man, but a Pokemon universe created by many.

Fills-Asie explained that this is what he meant by “new, exciting.”

In addition to being a Pokemon game that is set a new world, Pokemon X has also brought with it a new generation of trainers, new locations, and a new Pokemon game mode.

While Pokemon Black& White and X& Y will both be released on the same day, Pokemon Black will be released in November, while Pokemon X will be out in late October.

Filling-Asia said that he was excited to work with Nintendo to bring Pokemon X to consoles, and that he feels the game is a great opportunity for the franchise to continue growing.