How to create a stunning map using Photoshop and Google Maps

In the last few years, Google Maps has been upgraded to support the new Google Maps API, allowing you to add features like geo-located landmarks and city names.

It also allows you to embed maps on your website, which is great if you need to make a navigation bar on your webpage, or if you’re planning to use your website as a hub for your business.

We created a map with the ability to create custom geolocation features that are only available in Google Maps.

We named the map, ‘Nerd City’.

It’s not the only map we’ve created with this map feature, but it’s one of our favorites.

You can check out our ‘Nerds City’ map below.

This tutorial will show you how to create your own map using the Google Maps app, and show you the different ways you can incorporate it into your own website.

It’s a fun project, as you can do everything from changing the background to the title of your map.

You’ll learn about how to:Create a map using Google Maps:Navigate to the Google Map Tools menu:Tap the Add a Map button:A list of the map options will pop up.

Tap the Edit button:You can add as many maps as you want, and the maps will be added to your map grid.

Choose which option you want to apply to the map.

Select a point to use as the reference point.

Change the font size:To apply the font to the grid, tap the Font button.

Change how the map is rendered:Tap a Map item in the grid:You will be prompted to enter your preferred layout.

Select a map type:Select the Map tab:Click the Advanced tab:To view the map as a PDF, select the Save As button.

When you’re finished, tap Done to close the map dialog.