What you need to know about new images from the 2016 Winter Olympics

Toronto is getting ready for its 2016 Winter Olympic games.

Here are some of the best images from around the city: The city is preparing for a long winter.

But a lot of new photos from the Olympics will be released today.

For the first time, the Toronto Sun will be rolling out its 2017 Winter Olympics coverage.

Here is what we’ll see: The first images from Toronto’s Olympic bid are due to arrive Wednesday afternoon.

The first image from the bid for 2024.

(Courtesy of the Toronto Games Organizing Committee)The Toronto Sun is rolling out the first images for the bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2026.

The first images released by the Toronto bid.

(CBC)The first Olympic photos from Toronto.

(Toronto Olympic Committee)And now:The first Olympics photos from outside the city of Toronto.

Toronto Mayor John Tory and Mayor Rob Ford will announce their plans to host a 2024 Winter Olympics at city hall Wednesday afternoon, which will be the first of many events in the coming days.

The Games will be held in the Olympic Village in downtown Toronto.

The bid will include venues in Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough and Hamilton.

The city of Montreal has also expressed interest in hosting the 2024 Games, with the city also bidding on a 2024 Olympic bid.