“Gifts for cats” – Fox News

Fox News hosts have begun a campaign to celebrate their furry friends and offer cat-themed gifts.

The network is using the hashtag #GiftsForCat, which refers to a Fox News program that is dedicated to “making cat people feel good about themselves.”

The program, called “The Feline Problem,” offers cat videos and interviews, as well as “cat-themed gifting opportunities.”

Fox News has a number of cat videos, including one of an adorable kitten.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck has used the hashtag on Twitter, as has The View co-anchor Elisse Reines.

Fox News and Fox Business Network host Eric Bolling has used it on Twitter.

“Gifts For Cat” is available for free on the Fox News YouTube channel.

The channel, which has more than 200,000 subscribers, features a collection of videos from a variety of sources.