Disney CEO says company is ‘in a new place’ with new CEO, new leadership

The Disney chief executive, Bob Iger, said he would be stepping down by the end of the year, according to the company’s stock price, but it was not immediately clear when that would happen.

The company reported $18.2 billion in revenue and $3.9 billion in profits for the second quarter. 

In his first public remarks since Disney CEO Bob Iker resigned last month, Iger told the Disney board that “Disney is in a new space,” but it will not be in a position to announce a successor.

“We’re in a very exciting place in our transformation,” Iger said.

“I know the CEO of Disney has been talking about that for a long time.

We’ve had conversations and he’s been in a really strong position.”

Iger’s departure comes as Disney continues to face scrutiny about its treatment of its workers, including the sexual harassment allegations made against several top executives.

Iger also noted that he would continue to serve as the CEO, adding that he is “not going to be a distraction” to the rest of the Disney family.