Ringworm images on Google search are free and easy to find

Thousands of images of ringworm have appeared on Google searches in recent months.

The search engine’s latest round of “Ringworm” images includes pictures of a woman who is suffering from ringworm, and the images of two young boys with ringworm.

“I don’t know why people would want to see these images,” said Michelle Fazio, a Vancouver resident.

“They’re not something that they’re supposed to see.”

Fazio says she was shocked when she first saw them and she says she doesn’t believe she will ever see a picture of a child with ringworms.

“That’s the thing that bothers me the most, that people are so scared to see that, you know, that is something that should be out there,” she said.

“And that is absolutely disgusting, and that’s something that shouldn’t be in people’s homes.”‘

The internet is not a place for ringworm’The images appear to be from Google’s Search Engine Results, which are posted by Google’s servers.

“The images posted by search engine partners do not necessarily reflect the views of Google or Google’s staff,” Google said in a statement.

“Our search results are intended for a specific audience, such as people searching for specific types of content, and may not reflect the opinions of everyone in that audience.”

Google said it does not take responsibility for the content of its search results and said it takes the safety of users very seriously.

“We regularly remove content that we believe to be harmful or offensive.

We have removed many images from search results over the past year that are inappropriate for children or for people with a range of conditions,” Google spokeswoman Lisa Bouchard said.

Bouchard did not say what was in the images that prompted Google to remove them.

“Unfortunately, we cannot remove images that were posted by third parties, which include our partners,” she added.

“To date, the majority of images have been removed by search engines, and we have removed approximately 5,000 of those images.”‘

They were not safe’The search giant said it is also taking steps to make the images easier to find.

“Google’s search results include a link to remove content, which we’ve recently implemented in both the US and the UK,” Bouchart said.

“Additionally, the link on the search results is updated regularly, and will include information about the removal of content.”‘

It is not something you can easily ignore’Google said the search engine will also be improving its search algorithms to identify images that contain images that are potentially harmful.

“While we’re continuing to work to identify inappropriate images and remove them from our search results, we are also making improvements to our search algorithms that will be more sensitive to content that might be potentially harmful,” Boulanger said.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information says most people who contract ringworm don’t need treatment.

“Ringworm is a relatively mild form of ringworms that causes mild or moderate pain, but is not life-threatening,” the institute said.

Fazianoes family has a family history of ringworm, so she said it’s surprising that the images are being posted.

“It’s not something anyone should be afraid of,” she told CBC News.

“You know, you can’t imagine how bad that could be for somebody who is dealing with this for their whole life.”

Boulanger says Google will continue to work with search partners to improve the search result experience.