Trump’s budget for next year could have huge effect on how states handle opioids

President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget proposal is a stark departure from the Obama administration’s approach.

The budget proposes to spend nearly $50 billion for opioid treatment in the next two years.

It calls for $10 billion to combat opioid abuse, $15 billion for treatment and rehabilitation, and $5 billion to address opioid-related overdose deaths.

“This budget will have an immediate impact on the state of New York and the people who rely on our system,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement Friday.

“I am grateful for the administration’s dedication to this important issue.

The budget proposal puts our communities first, and it will help us focus on addressing the underlying root causes of this epidemic and ensuring we do everything we can to save lives.”

States would also receive $5 million to assist opioid treatment providers.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the president also proposed a proposal to provide $4 billion for community mental health services and $7 billion for emergency responders to combat the opioid epidemic.

Trump also called on the Federal Emergency Management Agency to increase emergency spending by $7.5 billion over the next five years.

He also wants to make Medicaid more flexible, increase federal funding for drug testing and emergency room access, and increase federal grant funding for education for drug-addicted people.

Trump’s budget includes $4.6 billion for infrastructure projects, $1.8 billion for education, and about $2.1 billion for combating the opioid crisis.

It also calls for a $7 million increase in the federal opioid program.

The White House also proposed $1 billion to increase funding for state and local governments to address the opioid problem.

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