Why the Covid-19 pandemic is causing so much damage in Canada

CUTS: The number of people in hospital and those who die of the disease in Canada have jumped in recent weeks, with more than 10,000 deaths reported since Oct. 1.

But it’s not clear why, with the coronavirus still spreading.

One theory is that the virus is now so widespread that there are fewer people who have the capacity to get sick.

It could also be that people are feeling better and are having more fun.

A recent poll found Canadians are still divided on whether the coronas virus has reached their homes, but they are more likely to support a national effort to tackle the spread.

Some also want to know if Canada is getting enough funding to tackle its pandemic.

One in three Canadians believes there is insufficient funding for the country to cope with the spread of the virus, the poll said.

The poll found a strong consensus on the need for government funding, with only 11 per cent saying there is enough to fund the spread and 28 per cent wanting more money.

But many Canadians want more information about the virus.

One question on the poll was “Can I get an accurate picture of how many people are in the country and are still under the virus?”

The response was unanimous: “Yes.”

“They are so scared that it is not even possible for them to leave the house,” said Erin Smith, who works for a Canadian public health agency.

“They feel like they can’t leave the country.”

While the poll found that Canadians are worried about the spread, they are also feeling more optimistic about their lives and health.

“It is definitely not what people would call a good situation,” Smith said.

“I am so excited for this coming summer.

I am really excited about my daughter.”

In an interview on CBC News Network’s Power & CTV’s Power Play, Canada’s Health Minister says that Canadians should be able to access a range of treatments and vaccines.

“We’re going to be in a position in a few weeks where we’ll be able in Canada to offer more and more and the people who need those services can get them,” says Dr. Eric Hoskins.