When your face looks like a ghost: When your facial features look like a haunted ghost

The term “creepypasta” is often used to describe stories or stories about creepy images.

But there are some very scary stories and creepy stories that are just too good to ignore.

A creepy image might be a picture of someone who looks like they’re having a terrible dream or it might be something that looks exactly like a corpse or a ghost.

It could even be an image that shows your face is covered in something and the words “I hate you”.

Sometimes, it’s a photo that’s just too scary.

For instance, in a Facebook post last week, a woman named Jessica wrote that she woke up one morning in a hospital room in the U.S. where she saw a man in a wheelchair.

Jessica said she was so scared and nervous that she had no idea what was happening to her.

Jessica was a little shocked that she thought the man in the wheelchair was a ghost because she thought it was weird.

“I just thought he was a dead person and I didn’t know what happened to him,” Jessica told ABC News.

“But as soon as I saw the photo of him in the hospital bed, I thought, ‘Oh my god, that’s my friend.’

I was so relieved that he was OK and I was relieved that I didn.

He’s my family.”

Jessica said she has seen ghostly photos of her and her family that were so disturbing that she was scared to go into a hospital to be examined by doctors because of what she believed to be the presence of ghosts.

She posted about her experience on Facebook and has more than 600,000 followers.

“So I was walking down the street in my neighborhood, and I saw a woman with a backpack and a purse and she was holding her daughter in her arms,” Jessica said.

“She was like, ‘Do you think this is a ghost?

Because I don’t think it is.'”

Jessica said that she decided to share her story because she was trying to get her family to stop talking about her and to think about what was going on.

“What I was trying really hard to do was say, ‘I’m not going to talk about this anymore,'” Jessica said, adding that she wants her story to be shared so that other people can learn about how people react to these kinds of pictures.

“It’s just so upsetting and it’s so frightening and I feel like if I’m not sharing, it might stop people from thinking about what is really going on,” Jessica added.

Jessica said her family was a good example of people who are willing to help her and share her photo.

“They were so supportive,” she said.

“The first day I shared it, my husband was like ‘OK, let’s go out and do a little grocery shopping.

I think we should go out for dinner.'”

Jessica has shared her photo with more than 2,000 people on Facebook.

The woman in the photo is now a friend of Jessica’s who shared the photo.

“That photo is one of the best things I’ve ever gotten,” Jessica wrote on Facebook about the photo and her friend.

“It has inspired me so much.

It has changed my life.”

Jessica is just one of many people who have shared pictures of creepy images on social media.

In 2016, a Facebook user named Kia Noyo shared a photo of a man and woman in a room that she said looked like they were having a nightmare.

She also shared pictures that appeared to show the faces of dead people.

In September 2017, an image was shared by a user named Jennifer with the caption “A friend of mine is the ghost of a woman in bed with a baby in her womb.”

Jennifer posted about the post on Facebook, where it gained over 100,000 likes and shares.

Jennifer wrote that her friend was a single mom who had recently lost her job, and she and her husband had just lost their first child.

The photo of the two was posted on a photo sharing platform, and the two shared it with more people than she had ever shared before.

Jennifer said the two women shared the image in the hopes that others would learn about their story.

Jennifer shared her friend’s story on Facebook because she felt that the image could help others understand what it’s like to be a person who is scared.

“My hope is that others might want to share the same fear and worry that I have and maybe even share their own fear,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer is one person who has shared photos of creepy photos on Facebook as a way to share what it is like to have to share something that people find creepy.

“Just to share it with the world, to share these photos to share their fears and fears that they might have, I think that’s really good,” Jennifer added.

“I think that it’s something that should be shared.”

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