“I’m happy I did it, I’m happy to be in this position”

A Vancouver man who spent more than four years behind bars for his role in a $10 million fraud scheme is back in the job market.

John Lutz, 54, was arrested in September 2016 for the scheme, which netted more than $10 billion, which included a deal for a large condo in Vancouver.

“I have a new job and I’m in my second year of working with a company that does work for the community and is doing something to help people,” Lutz said.

He has worked with a housing and community development company that is assisting in a multi-million-dollar rehabilitation project.

“This project is the first of its kind in Vancouver,” he said.

The project will involve a mixed-income housing development.

The project is slated to be completed in 2021.

Lutz is currently employed as a software engineer at Microsoft, where he was a senior developer in Microsoft Office.

He worked on the Windows and Windows Phone software and developed the Xbox app for the Xbox One console.

He was hired by Microsoft as a developer in 2015.

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