Pokemon Go: A Google Maps-based Pokemon Go-like game for Android

It’s a good time to be an Android user, according to Google.

The search giant has released Pokemon Go on Android for both iPhone and Android phones, and is adding it to its app store.

Google is rolling out the game to new versions of the iOS and Android operating systems today. 

The Pokemon Go app is a Google Maps clone that has you tracking the locations of Pokemon on a map.

The app shows you where to go, but it doesn’t track where Pokemon are in real life. 

You can walk around and check out the locations you see. 

Google has made it easy to find Pokemon with the Pokemon Go website and Pokemon Go in-app store.

You can download the app on Android and iOS devices, but Google says you will need to download the game itself.

Google says the game will work on iPhones and iPads. 

“We’re excited to bring Pokemon Go to Android, which is an increasingly popular mobile platform,” Google product manager Mike McCarron told Business Insider. 

McCarron said Pokemon Go will work well on Google Maps because Google Maps has many different geolocation options. 

He also said Pokemon GO is compatible with Android phones with 4G and above, as long as the phones don’t have a 4G LTE signal.

Pokemon Go is the brainchild of former Google employee Jason Rubin.

Rubin is now a senior VP at Google. 

According to McCarlin, Pokemon Go uses an API that’s used by Google Maps to track Pokemon and show it to users.

Google has been rolling out Pokemon Go for the Google Maps app since last summer, and has been releasing it for Android and iPhones. 

On Android, Pokemon GO works best on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Google’s own smartphones, McCarran said.

Rubin has said he plans to release a version for Android phones on Google’s Chrome browser.

Rubin plans to make the game available for Android devices on Chrome.

Rubin also told Business Wire that Pokemon Go isn’t really a Pokemon game.

Rubin said he doesn’t consider Pokemon Go a Pokemon app. 

It’s a “mobile game” and he doesn “think it’s a Pokemon-style game,” Rubin said.

Pokemon GO has a different look than the Pokemon app, McCrarn said.