Christian woman tells Buzzfeed that she didn’t know if her boyfriend would accept her for christmas

Christian woman says she’s thankful that her boyfriend is not homophobic, but said he might not accept her Christmas gift if she was.

A Christian woman from Minnesota, named Lora, told Buzzfeed in an email that her husband of 12 years was not homophobic when he invited her to the Christmas party in December, but she had never thought he would accept it.

Lora said she did not expect her boyfriend to be homophobic, as her faith teaches that love and sex are essential for a happy marriage.

Loro, a married mother of two, said her boyfriend was “nice, he’s very nice and kind and loving and loving.”

Lora was married to the man for six years, and she said that they have been together for nine.

She said her husband has been supportive of her Christian beliefs, and that their relationship is based on love and respect.

“I think that we’ve had the most fun together,” she told BuzzFeed.

“He doesn’t have any issues with being gay, I don’t have issues with that, he just doesn’t see that as a big deal.”

Loro told Buzzfeeding that her relationship is still going strong, and said her family supports her.

“We’ve got a lot of friends that are really happy with us and it’s a lot easier to talk to people about that,” she said.

“My dad is a Baptist minister and my mom is a Christian minister, and my two sisters are both Christian.

I’m just thankful that he doesn’t hate me for being gay.

I think that’s what’s most important to me, that he thinks that I’m happy for who I am and that I can be who I want to be.”

A Christian pastor from Michigan, Landon, who also did not want to give her last name, told BuzzFeed that his wife of 16 years was supportive of his religious beliefs and did not hate her for being lesbian.

Landon said that Lora and her boyfriend were married for three years, but that their marriage has been going strong since Lora’s husband’s death.

“She’s been very supportive of our relationship,” he said.

“We’re all pretty close, and we’ve talked a lot about it and she’s been supportive and I think she knows that she wants to have a happy and healthy marriage.”

The couple is not expecting a Christmas gift from Lora yet, but is excited to receive it.

“This is really important to us because I’m really grateful for the Christmas gift,” Lora told Buzzing.

“I’m going to be really thankful that I have my husband to be a part of my life, and I’m going be grateful that I don.

He’s such a great husband.”